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Main Manufacturers of Electric Motor

Today, over 300 million electric motors are used in industries and other infrastructure globally. Every year, about 30 million motors are acquired for industrial use. With the demand for the motors increasing year after year, more manufacturers are entering the market. Here is a closer look at the main manufacturers.


Top Five Electric Motor Manufacturers in the Globe





Siemens is one of the leading motor manufacturing brands in the market today. It has stood out as a tech force and crafted a name for its technology and automation equipment. It designs equipment for a wide range of clients such as construction firms, diagnostic organizations, and electric motors for mobility as well as industrial use. Well, it is right to say that Siemens is indeed everywhere.


The company was founded in 1847 by a visionary entrepreneur and its headquarters are located in Germany.  To remain relevant and play a leading role in the tech industry, the company targets to redesign the electric motor technology used in the auto industry. In 2018, Siemens partnered with Royce-Royce and Airbus to create a new near-term flight demonstrator as a step forward in the aircraft’s hybrid-electric propulsion. It has also partnered with Alston.



This is another company that has highly diversified its products. It was founded in 1939 and is headquartered in Houston, Texas. However, it only started electric motor production in the 1970s and has won a huge market for focusing on quality and customer value. Today, Toshiba makes motors ranging from low to medium range models that are in great demand in different niches.


In 2013, Toshiba International Group hit the headlines when it acquired Elettra Technology Inc, a leading electric motors manufacturer based on Hamilton. This enabled Toshiba to carry more research and create advanced electric motors for the market.




This is another leading manufacturer that commands a great share of the electric motor market, robotics, power grid, and motion products’ market. It was started in 1883 and is based in Zurich, Switzerland. Note that since inception, it operated as Baldor Electric and shifted to ABB on March 2018.


In 2017, ABB strengthened and streamlined its operations by executing its Next Level Strategy that it had commenced in 2014. It also completed the acquisition of B&R in 2017. B&R is a leading brand and manufacturer of machine and factory automation products. The company also entered into a partnership with GE Electric Industrial Solutions to strengthen its global position.




This is a global organization to clients’ most complex challenges with tech innovation. The company was founded in 1930 and its headquarters are located in Kent, Ohio. One of its subsidiaries, AMETEK Advanced Motion Solutions develops DC motors, pumps, fans, linear motion systems, and precision controlled blowers.


The future of AMETEK is anchored by growth strategies that include operational excellence, global market expansion, strategic acquisitions, and new product development. This is the reason why AMETEK acquired MOCON in 2017. MOCON is a leading brand in the development of instruments, detectors, and consulting services.


Johnson Electric


This is another leading brand that is based in Hong Kong. It was started in 1959 and serves a wide range of industries by supplying motion subsystems, electric motors, actuators, and different electro-mechanical components. Its success has largely been hinged on top-notch application-specific knowledge and leadership.


To continue operating as an industrial leader, Johnson Electric has recently implemented several targeted acquisitions. In 2016, it completed the acquisition of AML Systems and raised its shareholding in Halla Stackplace Corporation in the subsequent year.




If you are looking forward to buying an electric motor, make sure to go for the best generated by the best brands. That is why you should consider sticking to the leading brands such as the five options outlined in the list that have demonstrated the commitment to quality and customer value.