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Our Ambassadors shared their most influential books

In a celebration of ideas, inspiration, and the profound impact that reading can have on our lives, we embarked on a unique journey with our ambassadors. Curious to delve into the literary influences that have shaped their perspectives, we invited them to share the books that have left an indelible mark on their personal and professional growth. The response was overwhelming, painting a vivid tapestry of genres, narratives, and insights that span across cultures and borders.

In first place, winning themselves a Yeti Cooler, was the following submission...

Project Hail Mary

here’s what our ambassador had to say about the book...

"This science fiction novel tells an overarching story of saving the planet from a life-ending event; Most people take from it a lesson of anything can be achieved if we pool our resources and work together to solve a problem regardless of nationality or religion or any other difference because the future is at stake. While I enjoy the larger message of cooperation and togetherness the story is told through the perspective of a scientist turned school teacher. This protagonist solves problems using the scientific method, reason and fact based decision making. As an engineer this spoke to me, as ideals and political action are necessary for change, but that change only comes to life when the makers and doers of the world apply their knowledge and expertise to making it happen. Without this, ideas have no form, and improve no one's lives. It reminds me that my job matters, and although I take no oath and hold no office, the technical and production work I do shapes the future. Our collective 9-5 is what changes the world, not all at once but one project at a time."

Here’s a few other entries we thought were notable...

Make your Bed

"William McRaven did a commencement address with that being his statement of if you want to change the world, first make your bed. What it means it start your morning off with a small win/accomplishment, and as you go through your day you continue to do small wins. Not making your bed is like giving up on the day before it even starts. The book also had many great stories of perseverance and leadership from his military career."

Reading Koine Greek

"It is an excellent grammar for Greek spoken at the time the New Testament was written. As a Bible student I felt it is important to be able to read the Bible in the language it was written in."

Man's Search for Meaning

"The book states that one finds meaning in life through three ways. Through work, especially when that work is both creative in nature and aligned with a purpose greater than ourselves. Through love, which often manifests itself in the service of others. And through suffering, which is fundamental to the human experience."

What Book Had The Biggest Impact On Your Life?

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