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NEXEN 802853 F-450*0.875PILOT MOUNTT

BRAND: Nexen | MODEL: 802853 | CONDITION: NEW | SKU: 533906
NEXEN 802853 F-450*0.875PILOT MOUNTT

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Weight: 9.10 lbs UOM: EA

Additional Description



  • Description: F-450*0.875,PILOT MOUNT,TEF
  • Product Number: 802853
  • Family Features: Light Duty Air Cooled Clutches For Narrow Range Tension Control Applications
Features: Special Teflon Facing For Reduced Torque Output, Smoother Operation At Low Differential RPM's, And Very Long Life.
Comments: Can Be Configured As A Clutch-Brake With Disc And Caliper Listed Under Accessories In Left Column
Open Or Enclosed Design: Open
Drive Arrangement: Pilot Mount
Bore Size: 0.875 in.
Bore Style: Straight
Pilot Size: 2.500 in.
Pilot Or Drive Flange Bolt Circle Data: 4, 0.250"-20 Bolts @ 90° On A 3.000 in. Circle
Over All Length: 4.75 in.
Over All Diameter: 4.56 in.
Clutch Facing Type: Teflon (Very Low) Coefficient
Clutch Facing Edge Color Code: Blue
Maximum Clutch Continuous Thermal Dissipation: 0.15 hp
Clutch Heat Sink Capacity: 30000 ftlb
Clutch Peak Thermal Input Rate: 5.00 hp
Maximum Dynamic Torque: 48 inlbs
Minimum Sprocket Size: 25/48T, 35/32T, 40/25T, 50/21T
Drive Inertia: 4.79 lbin²
Shaft Inertia: 4.79 lbin²
Max Rpm: 3600
Actuation/Return: Air/Spring
Port Size: 0.125 NPT
Operating Range: 3-85 psi
Approximate Clutch Facing Life: 700 hphr
Clutch Air Chamber Volume When New: 0.266 in³
Clutch Air Chamber Volume When Worn Out: 0.695 in³
Ratings: CE, And RoHS
Finish: Black Oxide
Weight: 9.1 LB