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  • MODEL: 801461

NEXEN 801461 FMCBE-625 0.625, PF

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Additional Description

  • Description: FMCBE-625*0.625,PF
  • Product Number: 801461
  • Family Features: Enclosed, Air Engaged, Clutch Brakes With Optional Input Shaft And Feet
Features: Locking Key Feature
Comments: Locking Key Feature Reduces Output Keyway Problems In High Cycle Rate Applications
Frame Size: 56C
Open Or Enclosed Design: Enclosed
Bore Style: Straight Bore/Shaft
Clutch Facing Type: Standard Coefficient
Clutch Facing Edge Color Code: Red
Brake Facing Type: Standard Coefficient
Brake Facing Edge Color Code: Red
Maximum Static Clutch Torque: 190 inlbs
Maximum Static Brake Torque: 210 inlbs
Combined Continuous Thermal Dissipation: 0.14 hp
Combined Heat Sink Capacity: 5350 ftlb
Clutch Peak Thermal Input Rate: 7.00 hp
Brake Peak Thermal Input Rate: 7.00 hp
Overhung Load Capacity: 92 lb
Drive Inertia: 1.49 lbin²
Shaft Inertia: 1.18 lbin²
Max Rpm: 1800
Input Shaft Diameter: 0.625 in.
Output Shaft Diameter: 0.625 in.
Actuation/Return: Air/Air
Port Size: 0.125 NPT
Maximum Pressure: 80 psi
Approximate Clutch Facing Life: 203 hphr
Approximate Brake Facing Life: 203 hphr
Clutch Air Chamber Volume When New: 1.299 in³
Clutch Air Chamber Volume When Worn Out: 1.890 in³
Brake Air Chamber Volume When New: 1.334 in³
Brake Air Chamber Volume When Worn Out: 2.044 in³
Ratings: CE, And RoHS
Finish: Black Acrylic Paint
Restrictions: Locking Key Output Shafts Can Only Be Inserted Into Reducers And Are Not For Pulley Or Coupling Mounting
See Accessories For Optional Input Shafts And Feet For Foot Mounted Applications
Weight: 23.5 LB


Finish Black Acrylic Paint
Rpm 1800
Enclosure Enclosed

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