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Curtis CJ645-9K Size: 7/8" boot kits

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  • Typically ships in: 3 days
  • Weight: 0.5 lb
  • Unit of measure: each
  • Contact supplier for technical support on: 800-466-2144

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Return policy

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Item must be in it's original package.

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What You Should Know About Lubrication If You Intend to Machine Your Part

Curtis furnishes universal joints with hubs in a machineable state. Our patented disassembly feature allows for special machining in the field, when required. Our joints are shipped unlubricated, which allows you to disassemble and machine your joint without degreasing the parts. This also enables you to utilize your preferred brand of lubrication.

For lubricating the bearing area of the joint, Curtis employs a ball spring oil fitting in its 1″ through 4″ diameter universal joints. Special flush type and hydraulic grease fittings are available upon request. Contact Curtis for assistance in determining the proper fitting for your application.

The load bearing surfaces of a universal joint should be well-lubricated at all times to prevent premature failure.

We recommend that the universal joints be lubricated with a molybdenum disulfide (MoS2)-based, free-flowing lubricant prior to use and every40–50operating hours thereafter.

No Grooves on Hub of Joint Needed to Retain Boot!

For both intermittent and continuously rated joints where lubrication such as an oil bath is not available, we recommend the use of boots suitable for grease packing to retain lubricant and keep our contaminants. These are available in kits for all sizes of single joints and can be used in pairs on the double joint. Curtis boots do not require grooves on the hub of the joint to hold the boot in place.

Curtis Boot Kits consist of one boot and two ties. Part numbers may be obtained on the Selection Guide provided above.

Curtis Boots are typically manufactured from a polyvinyl chloride rubber blend, which is impervious to ozone and is ultraviolet stabilized. Our boots have a useful temperature range of -60∞F to +220∞F.

Custom Design Boots Available

Curtis will manufacture boots per your drawing requirements to meet your operating criteria or will design and fabricate boots to meet your specific needs. Send your requirements to Curtis, or Contact Curtis’ engineering department direct at 888-287-8477 for assistance in specifying a boot for your application.

Special Materials Available

Curtis can provide boots manufactured from various materials. Contact Curtis’ engineering department at 888-287-8477 for a list of available materials or advise them of your operating environment and they will specify a material for your application.

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Catalog Number Universal Joint Diameter Maximum Outside Diameter Overall Length
CJ645-9K 0.875 2.000 1.813