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Description: Do you have a low-voltage interruption type of circuit breaker and want to protect it and other facility devices? One of the top options to consider is the J class fuse (simply known as J fuse). The J class fuses are designed as current limiting models with additional features for time-delay. J fuses are designed in line with 248-8 standards. Besides, they are also available on a wide range of ratings starting from 0A to 600A. Their interruption capability is rated 200Ka rms symmetrical. However, you can also get G Fuses with ratings of up to 300Ka. Note that the time-delay function in the J fuse is optional. The compact designs of the J class fuses as well as their demonstrated high-performance have made them some of the most preferred options out there. Some of the applications that use J fuse include general-purpose circuits that have inductive loads, transformer circuits, and motor branch circuits.
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