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Description: In general, clamps are fastening devices that apply inward pressure to secure and hold objects together tightly, to prevent any movement. Conduit clamps are used to fasten different types of conduits that are used in residential and commercial wiring. Electrical conduits provide routing for electrical wires and prevent exposed wiring that is more susceptible to damage. Conduits clamps can be made from metal, plastic, fired clay and fiber. These include Steel Beam Clamps, Malleable Iron Conduit Clamps Edge Type, Right Angle Type, Parallel Type Clamps, Iron Beam Clamps, Universal Strut Clamps and Strut Clamps. Conduits clamps are used by electricians to support conduit installation. The basic types of electric conduits are Rigid Metal Conduit, Electrical Metallic Tubing, Electrical On-Metallic Tubing, Flexible Metal Conduit, and And Rigid PCV Conduit. Several practical clamps in the market are used for different fastening surfaces. Special clamps may be required for a conduit system that is likely to be exposed to hazardous conditions, extreme moisture or dirt. Get the best selection of conduit clamps and other types of clamps at MRO Supply. Should you require assistance, contact us. We have agents to make your shopping easy.
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