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  • Model: YCS12H72
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  • SKU: 2278318

Browning YCS12H72

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  • Weight: 3.6 lb
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Nov. 18, 2018

Belt drives are some of the common devices for transmitting motion from one shaft to another using pulley system. The system comprises of a looped strip from a flexible material that help link rotating shafts.

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Additional Description

Style Spur
Pressure Angle 20.0
Diametral Pitch 12
Number of Teeth/Threads 72
Type of Bore Bushed
Material Cast Iron
Minimum Bore 0.375
Maximum Bore 1.5
Weight Unit of Measure: EA
Weight: 3.6
Sale Qty Multiple: 1
Packaged Length: 6.56
Packaged Width: 6.56
Packaged Height: 1.31
No. Links/Ft.: 0
Style: Spur
Pressure Angle: 20.0
Diametral Pitch: 12
Number of Teeth/Threads: 72
Type of Bore: Bushed
Material: Cast Iron
Minimum Bore: 0.375
Maximum Bore: 1.5
Feature 1: Browning Split Taper Bushed Spur Gears are shaft ready and eliminate costly reworking of minimum bore gears
Feature 2: Helical Gears are quieter than spur gears and give maximum smoothness on parallel shafts
Feature 3: Browning Gears are rated in accordance with AGMA standards
Feature 4: When you think "Special" Gears - Think Browning
Warranty: 1 Yr.
Std Package Quantity: 1
Std Mfg Delivery: Normally Stocked
Typical Applications:  
  Bushing H 3/8  
  Bushing H 38 MM  
  Bushing H 1/2  
  Bushing H 9/16  
  Bushing H 19/32  
  Bushing H 5/8  
  Bushing H 21/32  
  Bushing H 11/16  
  Bushing H 3/4  
  Bushing H 25/32  
  Bushing H 13/16  
  Bushing H 7/8  
  Bushing H 15/16  
  Bushing H 31/32  
  Bushing H 1  
  Bushing H 1 1/16  
  Bushing H 1 1/8  
  Bushing H 1 3/16  
  Bushing H 1 1/4  
  Bushing H 1 5/16  
  Bushing H 1 3/8 3/8  
  Bushing H 1 3/8 5/16  
  Bushing H 1 7/16  
  Bushing H 1 1/2  
  Bushing H 10 MM  
  Bushing H 11 MM  
  Bushing H 12 MM  
  Bushing H 14 MM  
  Bushing H 16 MM  
  Bushing H 18 MM  
  Bushing H 19 MM  
  Bushing H 20 MM  
  Bushing H 22 MM  
  Bushing H 24 MM  
  Bushing H 25 MM  
  Bushing H 28 MM  
  Bushing H 30 MM  
  Bushing H 32 MM  
  Bushing H 35 MM  
  Bushing H 36 MM  
  Bushing H 7/16  
YCS1272 BROW YCS1272
Part No Description OD F H L PD
1219989 YCS12H72 6.160 1.000 2.500 1 1/2 6.000



SKU: 2278827

Drive belts for compressor

Looked online for the original (Browning) same brand of belts I have used prior for my compressor and found them at MRO for a very god price and in stock. Shipping was free and they arrived in 4-5 days by regular freight. Great job.

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SKU: 2285853


great price, fast ship and deliver.

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SKU: 2283405

Maintenance supervisor

great prices and fast delivery

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