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Description: Air cleaners, also referred to as air purifiers, are devices made to help remove impurities from the air to improve the room air quality. The air cleaners are mainly designed to work with HVAC units found in commercial and industrial facilities to remove impurities on the air getting into the room for air conditioning. However, they can also be stand-alone units. When you decide to install an air cleaner, it is also important to learn about and have the right accessories.Some of the common accessories of air cleaners are the filters. These are used to sieve off dirt, dust and other particulate matter from getting into your room or facility. Note that the filters might have carbon-activated anti-odor capabilities. You might also use the filters with evaporator cassettes covered featuring an anti-microbial layer. Other accessories include textile covers, wall mount fixtures, and windshields. Make sure to be extra careful when selecting the accessories in order to select only those that can work with your air cleaners.
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