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  • Model: DBV-BN200
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Dixon DBV-BN200 2" Alum Grooved Bolted Clamp w/ Buna Gasket

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Additional Description

Pressure Rating400 PSI
Temperature Range-20°F to 180°F (-28.9°C to 82.2°C)
Fuel CompatabilityRated for Petroleum Service
Torque20 ft. lbs.
Mandatory Pkg/Box Qty1
Weight Lb0.7800


  • Grooved clamps are often used on pipe connections on dry bulk tankers in place of welding offering the ability to adjust, change or replace pipe sections without the need for a permanent joint such as a weld.


  • Designed to join two pieces of pipe together.


  • Manufactured to fit new and existing grooved pipe connections.


  • Precision forged to provide an exact fit and great appearance
  • Use of lock nuts prevents clamps from loosening in high vibration applications
  • Leak-tight connection
  • Lightweight yet rugged. Unlike steel groove clamps that secure pipe ends with high clamp force against the tubing walls, the Dixon bolted clamp takes the full bolt force and locks in the groove of the tube preventing distortion of the tube diameter.


  • Aluminum body
  • Steel bolts/nuts
  • Buna-N seals

How it works

  • The two pipes are butted to one another each pipe has a groove that runs the circumference of the pipe exterior. The grooved clamp has ridges that lock into the two pipe grooves and a gasket is compressed to the pipes to create a leak-tight seal.


  • Supplied clamp gasket must be installed prior to use. Ships separately.
  • Replacement gaskets are available.

Safety notes

  • Torque the bolts until metal to metal contact occurs at the bolt pads (about 20 ft-lbs). Bolts must be tightened evenly to prevent gasket pinching and clamp breaking. DO NOT tighten one side then the other. Over-torquing will not improve sealing and may result in failure of the clamps. DO NOT torque bolts over 30 ft-lbs.
  • Intended for tank truck applications only

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