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Description: Stand slip rolls are fabrication machinery used to form sheet metal into cylinders of panels. The rolls are available as manually or powered operated designs. The stand slip rolls can further be grouped into four; the manual slip rolls, powered slip rolls, plate rolls, and combination designs.The manual stand slip rolls use hand crank method for rolling light gauge metal sheets to create cylinders or curved shapes. If you want to form a heavier gauge metal, it is advisable to go for the powered slip rolls. These machines are electric-powered and use three driven rolls to form to roll the metal into cylinder shapes or curved panels.Unlike the manual slip rolls and the powered models that can only handle light-medium gauge metal sheets, plate rolls are designed for heavy gauge metals. Another highly valuable stand slip rolls machine category is the shear, brake, & roll combination machine. The machines in this category can cut, bend, and roll sheets of metal. They are recommended for 20 gauge mild steel.
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