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Description: Milling machines are used for boring, drilling and making slots on workpieces. These machines can be grouped into two main categories; horizontal and vertical milling machines. The vertical milling machine is a model that has its spindle aligned vertically. To give it more strength, the vertical milling machine’s base is made of cast iron. Then, its screw jack attaches to the base and can be moved up and down. One of the main advantages of the vertical milling machine is that you can use it with many applications. The main setback of the machine is that the efficiency is lower compared to the horizontal milling machine. The vertical milling machines can further be broken into two; bed mills, and turret mills. In the case of bed mills, the spindle movement is parallel to the machine axis. However, the table moves perpendicular to the axis. But in a turret mill, the spindle is stationary while the table is adjustable perpendicular and parallel to the spindle axis.
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