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Description: Web strap hoists and pullers have become some of the most important material handling components in industrial and commercial facilities. They were first discovered in the 1960s to help pull and tension power lines during construction or repair. Today, they are used for efficient pulling, tensioning, lifting, and towing works. Therefore, how do web strap hoists and pullers work? The web strap hoists and pullers are designed to make operations such as lifting heavy items safe and easy. They feature a strong strap made of tough materials such as nylon that runs through a web guide. This ensures that the strap only moves in the right direction. As the strap pulls your materials, it is coiled and stored in a double flange drum with an interlocking pawn system.Another important component of the web strap hoists and pullers is the reversible fiberglass handle that is used to run the system. Note it is very important to ensure the web strap hoists and pullers system is properly hooked for efficient and safe operations.
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