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MRO Clearance


Purchase online by clicking the tile, or call 323 219 6472

                                                                                MASKS ARE IN STOCK
  • 3 Layer Construction

  • 175mm x 95mm

  • 2 outer layers made from Non-Woven Spunbond polypropene

  • Inner layer 25SGM melt-blown fabric

  • High Filtration Efficiency BFE 95%

    GB/T32610-2016 Testing Standard

Pallet of 60,000 masks, Shipping not Included

Item ID Brand Name Price
6015373 #6015373 MRO Supply MediTech BS-Y003-ADULT-PLT Pallet of 60000 Masks 30 Cases per Pallet
$4,500.00 Per Pallet

Truck of of 1.9 million masks (Loaded Floor to Ceiling Without Pallets)

Item ID Brand Name Price
6015374 #6015374 MRO Supply MediTech BS-Y003-ADULT-TRUCK 1.9 Million Masks Truckload Unpalletized (Loaded Floor to Ceiling)
$114,000.00 Per Truck

Truck of of 1.5 million masks (Palletized)

Item ID Brand Name Price
6015375 #6015375 MRO Supply MediTech BS-Y003-ADULT-TRUCK-PLT 1.5 Million Masks Truckload Palletized
$90,000.00 Per Truck

Protective Clothing

Protective clothing combines superior protection, quality craftsmanship and hi vis and FR options for a variety of industrial applications including food processing, farm/ag, petrochemical, hazmat cleanup, mining and more. Conforming to various ANSI and ASTM standards for safety and protection, combined with comfort and durability.



PVC Boots

We had purchased dozens of boots about 2-3 years ago. Some had sold through our local will call area. As our will call area is currently closed from the pandemic, we have decided to liquidate all of our boot inventory.

We have 45 pairs of the Premier G2 boot for sale at $20 each, or $900. You can find more details about these safety toe boots here

You can find the sizes and purchase page at the link below:

Click Here for Tingey Premier Boot sizes / checkout

We also have 36 pairs of the Tingley Pilot - which is a general PVC boot. This is a black boot without the safety toe selling at $10 each - $360 total.

Click Here for Tingey PilotBoot sizes / checkout

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Item ID Brand Name Price
5972059 #5972059 Tingley Tingley Premier G2 Safety Toe Knee Boots Brick Red/Cream - Promo Package
$20.00 Per Pair
5972060 #5972060 Tingley Tingley Pilot General Purpose PVC Knee Boots Steel Toe Black - Promo Package
$10.00 Per Pair