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N95 Mask

Item ID Brand Name Price
6042025 #6042025 MarkRite MarkRite 9500-N95 NIOSH FDA 510(k)
$40.00 Per Bx

3 Layer Masks

3 Fold masks made in Los Angeles (REMADEUSA) with competitive pricing. Custom packaging, artwork and discounts available on larger orders.



Item ID Name Price
5973016 #5973016 3-Ply Disposable face masks 98%+ PFE 50 pack [MADE IN THE USA]
$9.99 Per Pk
5919620 #5919620 MediTech BS-Y003-ADULT-50PK
$6.99 Per 50pk
6015373 #6015373 MediTech BS-Y003-ADULT-PLT Pallet of 60000 Masks 30 Cases per Pallet
$4,500.00 Per Pallet
6034538 #6034538 ReMadeUSA BS-Y003-ADULT-BLACK-50PK
$10.99 Per 50pk
6015374 #6015374 MediTech BS-Y003-ADULT-TRUCK 1.9 Million Masks Truckload Unpalletized (Loaded Floor to Ceiling)
$114,000.00 Per Truck
6015375 #6015375 MediTech BS-Y003-ADULT-TRUCK-PLT 1.5 Million Masks Truckload Palletized
$90,000.00 Per Truck

Hand Sanitizer

Manufactured in accordance with World Health Organization (WHO) recommendations for hand sanitizer formulations.

Available as gel (70% ethanol)

Manufactured in the USA

View product pages for more information and video reviews

Item ID Name Price
6036067 #6036067 ReMadeUSA ESAN-70-GEL-08OZ-PT 70% Ethanol Gel Hand Sanitizer 8oz w/ Pump Top
$1.99 Each
5981864 #5981864 ReMadeUSA ESAN-70-GEL-2OZ-CAP-POUCH 70% Ethanol Gel Hand Sanitizer 2oz w/ cap
$0.79 Each
5970060 #5970060 Gel Hand Sanitizer 70% ethanol 1 gallon
$8.00 Each

Bottle caps and tops

We are importing hundreds of thousands of caps often and providing sanitizer companies plastics to fill their production lines. Contact us for large orders (over 10,000 pieces)  

Item ID Name Price
5971903 #5971903 24/410 clear plastic flip top
$100.00 Per Pack
5973087 #5973087 20 Pack Gallon Bottle Pump Top 38/400 (11"/280mm Straw)
$40.00 Per Pack
5973038 #5973038 MRO 24410ST-C-210MM
$0.95 Each
5971969 #5971969 50 Pack 16/24/32oz Bottle Pump Top 28/410 ($1.00 ea)
$50.00 Per Pack
5973036 #5973036 20 pack 24/32oz Trigger sprayer
$20.00 Per Pack
5972241 #5972241 MRO 24410PTTL-B-210MM
$0.60 Each

KN95 Mask

Meets Chinese GBT32610-2016 Standards

By completing a purchase the customer agrees to the terms of sale in the additional description.

This product has video review

Item ID Name Price
5905419 #5905419 KN95 (GB2626-2006) Mask with Metal Clip
$0.75 Each


This product is a non-contact thermometer we had brought in from China.

This product takes two AAA batteries, which are not included.   

This product is in stock and most orders received before 3PM Pacific time will be fulfilled same day and send FedEx ground from Los Angeles.  

Item ID Name Price
5954121 #5954121 JRT-018
$29.99 Each

Face Shields

Anti-Fog Adjustable Full Face Shield

Fluid Resistant

Visor Protection from Splash and Splatter

Sold in a pack of 10 items.

Minimum order quantity is 2 packs

Item ID Name Price
5909586 #5909586 Adjustable Faceshields - 10 Pack
$9.00 Per Pack

Sanitizer Dispensers

Automatic Gel Sanitizer Dispensers that works with gel and liquid.   

Product uses 8 - AA batteries (not included).  

We have thousands in stock - Ready to ship from Los Angeles.   

Also we have sanitizer stand that allows easily use the dispenser.   

Item ID Name Price
5977163 #5977163 Automatic Sanitizer Dispenser 1000ml
$19.99 Each
5978915 #5978915 Sanitizer Stand
$49.99 Each

Sanitizer Pallets

Our product is packaged for bulk sale and includes free shipping within the contigious US.

72% ethanol solution

Available as liquid and gel

Check product detail for more information

Item ID Name Price
5969885 #5969885 Gel Hand Sanitizer 70% Ethanol - Pallet of 192 1 Gallon Jugs
$1,824.00 Per Plt

Sanitizing Wipes

Pack of 10

70% Ethyl Alcohol, Safe for Skin

Item ID Name Price
5981865 #5981865 ReMadeUSA 70% Ethanol Sanitizing Wipes
$0.50 Per Pack