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Description: The management of MROsuply appreciates its customers and wants them to feel part of its community. The promotional items are offered at lower rates to help you easily associate with MROsupply whether at work or even at homes. The target is to ensure that all clients can enjoy the products from MRO supply in different areas of their lifestyle. The promotional items also used as a way of giving back to the MROsupply consumers and helping them to cut some costs for purchasing similar items. Why buy more t-shirts for your office use when you have unique designs from MROsupply? MROsupply wants to demonstrate that even though most of the items on its catalog are industrial or commercial production based, the people who use them have a human side. The technician who runs your production line wants to feel valued. Therefore, the promotional items help to extend this gesture of love to all. Consider buying the items at lower rates and using them directly at your plant or even supply to your clients too. Some of the promotional items include; 1. Promotional Tshirts: These t-shirts are designed with quality materials to deliver comfort and value to users. You can add them to the shopping basket at only $10. 2. LED with clip 170 Lumens: These are unique hand-held lighting devices equipped with new COB led technology. They have an output of up to 170 lumens of light and feature a rotating magnetic clip for attaching to anything. The body is made of plastic and is impact resistant. This means they are indestructible.