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Description: Earmuffs are hearing protection devices that are worn over the ears for protection from noise (hearing) and other times from the cold (weather). They constitute two coverings or cushioned cups of soft fibers that are connected by a c-shaped thermoplastic or metallic band that runs over the head. Extremely loud noises expose people to the danger of noise-induced hearing loss that can result in partial and permanent damage deafness. Earmuffs are recommended where loud power tools ammunitions or yard equipment is being used. The effectiveness of an earmuff as a sound barrier depends on several factors such as the fitness over the wearer, the length, and adjustability of the headband. Earmuffs are classified into two basic categories which are thermal and acoustic earmuffs. Thermal earmuffs are suitable for cold weather conditions and protect users from hazards like frostbite. Acoustic earmuffs or ear defenders are lined with material that completely kills external sounds. There are also wireless and wired earmuffs that combine communication systems with sound barrier.Let MRO Supply be your single source convenience for all industrial products including supplies, tools and equipment. We strive to the leading supplier of high quality tools, supplies and equipment to offer our customers lasting solutions sourced from the best manufacturers in the industrial arena. Talk to us today to keep your manufacturing plant up and running.
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