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  • BRAND: MCR Safety
  • SKU: 2978155
  • MODEL: TY125SX4

MCR TY125SX4 Tyvek Coverall w/collar zipper front elastic sleeves/ankles

$16.79 Each


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  • Weight: 1.0 lb
  • UOM: EA

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Additional Description

Somebody has to do the dirty work. And those who do it will want the inherent barrier protection that DuPont Tyvek® protective apparel offers. Tyvek® protective apparel helps protect your workers against small size hazardous particles. That includes particles such as lead, sbestos, and mold.  Protection is built into the fabric itself; there are no films or laminates to abrade or wear away. And for a better fit, Tyvek® garments with comfort fit design have been engineered for enhanced worker range of motion and durability in use. So whether performing asbestos abatement or installing insulation, we want to help you protect your workers. The TY125S is a zipper front coverall with collar, elastic sleeves and elastic ankles.

Material Features

  • Tyvek® is a DuPont registered trademark
  • Coverall with open sleeves and ankles
  • Helps protect your workers against small size hazardous particles
  • Includes particles such as lead, asbestos, and mold
  • Great comfort and fit

Specifications & Details

Brand:MCR Safety
Category:Disposable Garment
Components:1 pc Coverall
Front Closure:Zipper
Pant Cuff:10
Wrist Closure:Elastic
Ankle Closure:Elastic
Marketing Group:Garments

Industries & Applications

  • Janitorial
  • Laboratory Technician
  • Manufacturing
  • Mechanics
  • Painting
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Sanitation
  • Warehousing

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