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Description: A sprocket is a wheel with teeth on the outer edge used to engage a chain passing over it. They are used to transmit rotary motion between two shafts especially when the gears are unsuitable. The simplest example of a sprocket is a bicycle where the pedal is fixed with a sprocket-wheel that helps to transmit power to the rear wheel through a chain. The sprockets are created in different designs to optimize efficiency. They are also used to help maintain the belts centered. The sprockets are also preferred when transmitting power from one shaft to another in the cases where slippage is not admissible. There are a number of sprockets you can go for depending on the system and anticipated efficiency. Here are the main types in the market: 1. Sprockets for drive chains: These sprockets are designed for RS Roller Chains. They are designed with hardened materials and are commonly used in commercial and industrial applications. 2. Sprockets for small conveyors: These sprockets are designed for light duty commercial and industrial conveyors. 3. Large conveyor sprockets: The sprockets are designed with hardened materials to help improve wear resistance. 4. Lock sprockets: This category of sprockets is designed with a keyless locking device. The friction force on the tapered sleeve allows the sprocket to remain locked on the shaft without a key. The sprocket is preferred in many applications because phase alignment is relatively easy. 5. RS sprockets with fit bore: These are sprockets designed with finished bores, set screws, and keyways. They are created for easy installation and prompt use. You can select the finished bore type that has specific stock items or the easy finished bore design. Other types include the sprockets for BS chains, torque limiter sprockets, and chain tension idler sprockets. Remember to always use the recommended sprocket for your machine or get recommendations from a technician.