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Gates 9239-4250 14GTV-3500-20

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Additional Description

 Category Name Description  Antistatic power transmission belts are a must in volatile environments. Power transmission belts that meet the ISO 9563 standard for static conductivity are only required to meet that level when new. As soon as the belts are in use, their antistatic properties decrease - dramatically. Now you have a safe - and stronger - option. Gates Poly Chain Carbon Volt belts delivers the power and performance you expect only from a Gates Poly Chain system, as well as an industry-leading reliable dissipation of electrostatic charges.
 The power you want, the safety you never had.
 Features Advantages  Meets ISO 9563 standard for static conductivity when new and maintains it longer than any antistatic belt currently on the market.
 All the same maintenance-free and performance advantages offered by Poly Chain GT Carbon belts. Significantly reduces maintenance costs. Equivalent capacity to roller chain drives in the same width. Fast drive conversion payback.
 Markets/Applications  Any application requiring antistatic drive systems that meet ISO 9563 standards, including those found in oil, gas and chemical refining, grain processing, or electronically sensitive environments.
 Size Range/Availability  Standard Poly Chain GT Carbon lengths and widths can be manufactured in Volt construction as a made-to-order with drum lot minimum required. Contact Customer Service for minimums and lead time.
 Sizes are either standard stock or made-to-order, no minimum required.
 Belt / Sprocket Specifications 
 Number of Teeth  250
 Pitch Length (in)  137.80
 Recommended Sprockets  Use Taper-Lock type Poly Chain GT2 Sprockets when designing a new Poly Chain Carbon Volt belt drive system.
 Belt Notes  Poly Chain Carbon Volt belt part numbers follow a similar notation to Poly Chain GT Carbon belts: part number 14GTV-4410-20 denotes a 14mm pitch, Poly Chain Carbon Volt antistatic construction, 4410mm pitch length and 20mm width.
 Poly Chain Carbon Volt belts are antistatic in accordance with ISO 9563. When belt drive systems are located in potentially hazardous environments, safe and reliable dissipation of electrostatic charges is critical - a secondary means of dissipation such as static grounding brushes is recommended.
 Customer Pack  1.0
 Standard Pack  1
 Weight (Lbs.)  1.21

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