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Nonelectrical Properties Testing

Nonelectrical properties testing instruments evaluate and analyze the physical and mechanical properties of materials and products in various industries, ensuring quality, performance, and safety. These instruments measure properties such as hardness, tensile strength, compression, elasticity, viscosity, and thermal conductivity and are essential for quality control, product development, and research purposes.


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Omron Automation H7ER-N-B
Brand Omron
Model H7ER-N-B
$120.56 Each
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SKF TKRT 21 Tachometer
Brand SKF Bearing
Model TKRT 21
$858.10 Each
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Edwards RG100 Tru-Chek Rain Gauge
Brand Edwards
Model RG100
$21.99 Each
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Omron Automation H7ER-NV-B
Brand Omron
Model H7ER-NV-B
$130.85 Each
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