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Description: If you are looking for a simple yet effective way of holding a device to a specific place (maybe on a metal bar), one of the top options is a band clamp. Band clamps are side straps of metal designed with materials such as mild or stainless steel, which wraps around a device to secure it in place. One of the common devices wrapped using a band clamp is car exhaust.The band clamps can be grouped into two; flat straps and pre-formed rings. The pre-formed model is the common design especially in the auto exhaust systems while the flat straps are mainly preferred for butt joints. The main advantage of band clamps is that they are relatively easy to use without requiring specialized equipment. You simply position the band around the device to secure and tighten the screw or ratchet. Besides, they can be used effectively without damaging your devices. See the full list of available band clamps on our page.
Item ID
IRWIN 226100 1" x 15 Band Clamp
Brand Irwin Tools
Model 226100
$16.04 Each