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Description: Table saws, also called bench saws, are woodworking tools that have a circular saw installed on an arbor. They are run by electric motors. The blade of a table saw protrudes at the top of the bench, which acts as a support for the wood being cut. Unlike in the old table saws where the depth was always constant, the modern designs allow for adjustment depending on the nature of the workpiece.To use your table saw correctly, it is important to have the right accessories. These are components and parts that make the saw perform various actions. First, you need the right safety push block and push back sticks. These blocks are used for supporting the workpiece so that the cut is even and the machine runs safely. Other table saw accessories include the zero clearance insert assembly, splitter and riving knife and brake cartridge. Visit us to see the full list of table saw accessories.
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REXNORD L0880604031 LF880TK3.25 172660
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