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  • BRAND: Gates Rubber
  • SKU: 1245998
  • MODEL: 5L990K

5L990K Gates 8423-6999

$24.29 Each


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Additional Description

Category Name Description  These green belts are an alternative to conventional light-duty belts, with high performance construction delivering more horsepower, less stretch and providing longer service life. PoweRated® belts are suitable for outdoor power equipment, appliances and industrial applications where Fractional Horsepower (FHP) belts are typically used.
Features Advantages  Aramid Tensile Cords combine limited stretch with extraordinary strength and durability.
 Meets ARPM / RMA IP-3-2 oil and heat resistant standards.
 Bareback construction for smooth clutching on shock loaded, backside-idler driven equipment.
Markets/Applications  PoweRated belts are suitable for outdoor power equipment, appliances and industrial applications where FHP belts are typically used.
Belt / Sprocket Specifications
Effective Length (mm)  2518
Outside Circumference (in)  99
Recommended Sheaves  Light-Duty Sheaves-Bored-to-Size
 Light-Duty Sheaves-Variable Pitch
 Light-Duty Sheaves-Bushed
Top Width (mm)  17
Automotive Notes  PoweRated® belts do not meet RMA requirements for static conductivity.
 PoweRated® belts can be substituted for equivalent sizes of Truflex® V-Belts.
Customer Pack  1.0
Standard Pack  10
Product Attributes
Section  5L
Weight (Lbs.)  .94


top width 21/32"
cogged No
section 5L
outside length 99"
depth 3/8"
top width (per rib) 21/32"
depth (per rib) 3/8"
number ribs 1

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5L990K Gates 8423-6999 Gates Rubber $36.02

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