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  • BRAND: Carlisle PT
  • SKU: 2985269
  • MODEL: AK95

Carlisle AK95 ARAMAX Xtra Duty V-Belt

$12.96 Each


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Additional Description

Aramax v-belts are designed for outdoor power equipment. Aramax features a brown smooth clutching cover and strong aramid cord. The high performance construction delivers more horsepower, less stretch and longer service life.


  • New and improved rubber compound
  • New smooth clutching cover for shock loaded, backside-idler driven equipment
    • Superior clutching fabric
    • Increased thread count
    • Resistance to rollover
  • Aramid tensile cords
  • Oil and heat resistant
  • Reduced stretch
  • Increased strength and durability


Specifically designed for aggressive applications with heavy shock loads such as mowers, snow throwers, tillers, cultivators, shredders, splitters, and more

NOTE: When Aramax belts are used as a matched set, all belts must have the same SAG number. These high modulus aramid cord belts require closer matching than standard belts in order to tension properly and work together as a set.


  • 3L, A, B cross-sections from 15" to 117"
  • 3L sizes use the industry standard part number ending in K
  • Classical part numbers are AK, BK


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