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Gates 9827-1120 28G3636

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Dec. 1, 2018

Worn sheave grooves can pull down the efficiency of a drive by 8% and accelerate wearing of belts. Sheave grooves can experience premature wear and tear from poor belt tensioning, drive misalignment, or harsh environmental conditions.

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Additional Description

 Category Name Description  Gates G-Force belts are the first of a new generation of Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) belts. Designed using Finite Element Analysis (FEA) techniques, the latest construction, materials and measuring technology G-Force drive belts are designed for superior fit, performance and durability for today’s recreational and utility all-terrain equipment. Identical to OEM, G-Force belts are constructed with double or single cog designs to match the OEM belt. Extreme testing, in controlled environments as well as on race vehicles, has proven the G-Force belt to be high performing and durable, with no clutching adjustments necessary at installation.
 Features Advantages  OEM constructed drop-in belt with no clutching adjustments.
 Double and single cog configurations to match OEM belt designs maximizing heat control and flexibility.
 Advanced aramid tensile cords and reinforced fiber loaded undercord are used in construction for durability and dependability.
 Tested under extreme conditions in controlled environments as well as on race vehicles.
 Viability testing completed to match shift curves.
 Proprietary measuring technology assures exact fit.
 Dynamometer testing proves G-Force belts outlast other high-performance belts by as much as five times.
 Markets/Applications  G-Force belts are specifically designed for recreational vehicles like snowmobiles and ATVs. Visit for an online Part Locator lookup and a recommended applications guide; or for additional information.
 Belt / Sprocket Specifications 
 Angle  23
 Outside Circumference (in)  37.532
 Outside Circumference (mm)  953
 Pitch Length (in)  36.358
 Pitch Length (mm)  923.5
 Recommended Sheaves  Contact the Gates Made-To-Order Metals Team.
 Top Width (in)  1.278
 Top Width (mm)  33
 Material  Fabric Bottom
 Customer Pack  1.0
 Standard Pack  999
 Product Attributes 
 Double Notch  Yes
 Cord Position (in)  .165
 Cord Position (mm)  4.2
 Pitch Width (in)  1.211
 Pitch Width (mm)  30.8
 Thickness (in)  .567
 Thickness (mm)  14.4
 Weight (Lbs.)  .45

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