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  • MODEL: NXS01446A5L0SSFA1A2

Vacon NXS01446A5L0SSFA1A2

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Disclaimer: The return policy information shown below is simply an excerpt from Vacon's General Terms and Conditions of Sale.


7.5 Provided that the Purchaser has notified in writing Vacon (or its Service Provider as provided for in section 7.6 below) of the defect within five (5) working days after discovery of the defect and within the above warranty period, Vacon shall, at its discretion, (i) either repair the defective Product, (ii) replace the defective Product by an equivalent nondefective Product, or (iii) refund the purchase price of the defective Products. In case Vacon decides to replace the defective Products and requests the return of such defective Products, the Purchaser shall refrain from any actions preventing or interfering with a proper analysis of the cause of the defect, store the defective Products in proper conditions and deliver the defective Products to Vacon (or its Service Provider, as the case may be) within five (5) working days from Vacon’s request. Vacon shall reimburse the transportation costs arising from the return of defective Products under the warranty herein provided that the forwarding agent recommended by Vacon has been used. Vacon is not responsible for any additional costs and expenses caused by the dismantling, installation or commissioning of a repaired or replaced Product, travelling, accommodation, daily allowances or time used for travelling by the authorized service personnel.


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