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Red Lion Controls SCUB1000 SUB-CUB 1

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As a completely self-contained counter/display module, SUBCUBs can be treated as a component just like any other I.C. The modules contain a custom monolythic counter/driver chip that performs all the counting functions together with a 6-digit LCD readout. The latchable display with the separate reset function permits these modules to be used as frequency or rate meters, timers, phase-angle or pulse width indicators and for other complex readout requirements in addition to simple high speed counting.

These modules are ideal for internal 'on-board' applications where a readout of count, frequency, time, etc. is needed within a circuit enclosure for maintenance, diagnostic, tune-up, or other data readout requirements. The SUBCUB2, with its larger display, can also be mounted with a convenient bezel kit to provide a very flexible and economical panel instrument. SUBCUBs snap-mount directly on any 1/16' P.C. Board that has been etched to provide a mating interconnect pad pattern with two mounting holes and a polarizing 'key' hole. Interconnections to the P.C. Board as well as internal connections are made with elastomeric connectors that provide corrosion-proof, gas tight, interface contacts for high reliability.

  • Display/Counter Module
  • 17 mm x 27 mm
  • 6 Digit, 0.2" (5 mm) LCD
  • Solderless Elastomeric Interconnects
  • Ultra-low Power
  • Latchable Display w/Leading Zero Blanking
  • Count Rates to 10 KHz
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