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NEXEN 964221 WG-9-A-RN-NA-P-R

BRAND: Nexen | MODEL: 964221 | CONDITION: NEW | SKU: 535601
NEXEN 964221 WG-9-A-RN-NA-P-R

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Weight: 85.00 lbs UOM: EA

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Technical Specifications

Finish Powder Paint



NEXEN 964221

Wrapping-spring clutches: These have usually wound with square-cross-section wire. The spring fits around a cylindrical member that is driving. If the driving member rotates in the way that would unwind the spring the spring steals although with some drag and enlarges minutely. As a result of this, spring clutches must generally be lubricated with light oil. Rotating the member that is driving another way gets the spring envelop itself snugly around the surface that is driving and the clutch locks up quite fast. The torque needed to make grows exponentially with the amount of turns in the spring, minding the capstan equation.
Is fixed when the clutch is disengaged and the driven member.

In addition to their own use in production gear that was heavy, single-revolution clutches were applied to numerous little machines. In tabulating machines, for instance, pressing the control key would trip just one revolution clutch to process the most recently input amount. In typesetting machines, pressing any key chosen an unique character as well as engaged an individual turning clutch to cycle the mechanism to typeset that character. Likewise, in teleprinters, the reception of each character tripped a single-revolution clutch to use one cycle of the print mechanism.

Input Power: 100-240 VAC 50/60 Hz @ 100 Watts
Roller Width: 9 in.
Maximum Recommended Web Width: 7 in.
Controller: AE120-Included
Controller Mounting: Right Side
Sensor Type: Infrared
Sensor: PH-16
Number of Sensors: 1
Sensor Location: Right Side
Actuator Stroke: 2 in.
Actuator Unloaded Max Velocity: 1.00 in/s
Maximum Web Tension: 5 lb/in.
Finish: Powder Paint
  Consult Nexen for other configurations.
Weight: 85.0 LB