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Keyless Rigid Couplings Buying Guide

Keyless Rigid Couplings Buying Guide

Mounting speed reducers and motors can be a pretty challenging task. When you need to transmit power by linking two shafts, misalignments and vibrations can be a serious issue. To address these, you should consider using couplings. Although there are many types of couplings, the keyless rigid coupling stands out because of the ease of installation and high efficiency. This post is a comprehensive guide to buying keyless rigid coupling for your facility. 

Advantages of Using Keyless Rigid Coupling 

As the name keyless rigid coupling suggests, this category of coupling is designed to operate without requiring keys during installation and use. This means you can cut both the cost and time required for the installation of the coupling in your shafts. Here are the main advantages of using keyless rigid couplings with your equipment: 

  • They are capable of transmitting high torque between the driving and driven shafts. 
  • Develops zero-backlash
  • Keyless and rigid. 
  • Eliminates the need for structural support and expensive mounting brackets. 
  • Compact and durable. 
  • Comes with self-releasing tapers for easy removal. 
  • The couplings are not affected by reversing loads. 
  • Supports shafts of different sizes. 

How to Select the Best Keyless Rigid Couplings 

Now that you know the main benefits that come with using keyless rigid couplings on your equipment, from pumps to motors, here are the main tips for identifying the best: 

  • Do Not Select Keyless Rigid Couplings Based on Price Alone 

 When comparing what different manufacturers or dealers have, it is true that you might be interested in identifying the more affordable option. However, cost should not be the sole determinant of what to pick. Because of the growing demand for couplings, some companies might opt to offers their low-quality models at lower prices to simply win a bigger market. Therefore, you should start by identifying a number of high-quality keyless rigid couplings and then pick the most affordable among them. 

  • Failing to Determine the Level of Misalignment of Your Equipment 

One of the primary causes of coupling failure in industrial facilities is using couplings for incorrect misalignment conditions. If there is excess misalignment in your shaft, the couplings will be forced to bear loads that surpass their specifications. This is likely to damage the coupling and even the equipment. Therefore, you should start by establishing the type and level of misalignments. Then, go for the coupling that can handle them.  

  • Only Go for the Coupling Made for Your Type of Shaft 

Like other types of couplings, rigid couplings are designed to work on square, round, or hexagonal shafts. So, you should determine the size and shape of your shaft and go for the model that matches it well. If you are unsure of getting the right measurements, consider working with a technician so that only the perfectly fitting model is ordered. Re-machinable and customizable couplings might also come in handy to help cut costs for replacement. 

This post has demonstrated that keyless rigid couplings come with unique benefits for your machine. However, it is crucial to ensure that only the right model is selected for your facility. Using the tips we have listed above, you can narrow it down to the model that will match and work well with your equipment. Remember to ensure that the coupling and equipment are maintained in top condition all the time. For example, moving parts should be lubricated well, and bearings replaced when worn out.