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Additional Description

-nn-: "Consider Pt# 805270, Air Champ 2, That Is A Direct Replacement Upgrade For This Product"
Comments: "Pilot Mount Clutches Accept Customer Supplied Pulleys Or Sprockets, Or Nexen Couplings"
Comments: Can Be Configured As A DRIVING Shaft Mounted Clutch-Brake With Disc And Caliper Listed Under Accessories In Left Column
Open Or Enclosed Design: Open
Drive Arrangement: Pilot Mount
Bore Size: 1.125 in.; 0 - 1.0 With Bushings
Bore Style: Straight
Pilot Size: 3.000 in.
Pilot Or Drive Flange Bolt Circle Data: "4, 0.250""-20 Bolts @ 90 On A 3.500 in. Circle"
Length: 5.56 in.
Clutch Facing Type: Low Coefficient
Clutch Facing Edge Color Code: Green
Maximum Static Clutch Torque: 222 inlbs
Maximum Clutch Continuous Thermal Dissipation: 0.40 hp
Clutch Heat Sink Capacity: 60000 ftlb
Clutch Peak Thermal Input Rate: 16.80 hp
Backlash: 0.44
Minimum Sprocket Size: "35/40T, 40/30T, 50/25T, 60/21T"
Drive Inertia: 27.47 lbin
Shaft Inertia: 16.13 lbin
Max Rpm: 1800
Actuation/Return: Air/Spring
Port Size: 0.125 NPT
Maximum Pressure: 80 psi
Minimum Engagement Pressure: 5 psi
Temperature Range: 32 - 150 F
Coupling Brand/Type: Dodge Taper Lock Poly Disc
Coupling Size: 4.000 in.
Approximate Clutch Facing Life: 954 hphr
Clutch Air Chamber Volume When New: 0.327 in
Clutch Air Chamber Volume When Worn Out: 0.855 in
Ratings: "CE, And RoHS"
Finish: Black Oxide
Outer Diameter: 6.06 in.
Restrictions: This Clutches Bore Can Be Reduced With The Bushings Found In Accessories To The Left
Weight: 13.1LB

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