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Description: Pin and sleeve parts are the components and accessories of pin and sleeve connectors that are necessary for the assembly, installation, and functioning of pin and sleeve connectors. The main components of pin and sleeve connectors include pin and sleeve plugs, pin and sleeve receptacles, mechanical interlocks, inlets, watertight devices, metallic and non-metallic boxes, angle adapters, liquid-tight adapters, and closure caps. Other accessories that improve function and wear and tear resistance include crown bushings, bush bags, cover assemblies, receptacle spring covers, ground lug kits, and threaded covers. Pin and sleeve parts are used when mounting a box onto a surface or during repairs and upgrade procedures. Reverse direction power devices are used for portable power sources such as generators, while devices that are used for harsh environments have high heat rise and corrosion-resistant materials like nickel-plated brass. Other boxes feature thermosets polyester contacts that are resistant to electrical tracking and high temperatures. Watertight sealing accessories or closure caps may include, cover caps, and cord clamp and locking rings.MRO Supply is your best bet at getting bins, carts, pallet jacks, bearings, bushings, and other supplies for industries under one roof. Get the best selection of your preferred item/tool at our store. We have shopping assistants to help you with expert advice on the perfect buy for your specific application. Talk to us today.
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Lovejoy 69790410450 B48 Nylon Sleeve B Series
Brand LoveJoy
Model 69790410450
$117.47 Each
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