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IRWIN 93226 #2 Square Recess Power Bit - 4"

MODEL 93226






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Overall length


  • Used in high torque power tools
  • Designed for use in power drill chuck and chuck adapter
Item #DescriptionPoint SizeOverall LengthPack Qty
3522031CSquare Recess Power Bit - Carded#1 SQ2"1
3522051CSquare Recess Power Bit - Carded#2 SQ2"1
3522055CSquare Recess Power Bit - Carded#2 SQ2"5
3522071CSquare Recess Power Bit - Carded#3 SQ2"1
3522311CSquare Recess Power Bit - Carded#2 SQ6"1
3522391CSquare Recess Power Bits (2-piece Design) - Carded#2 SQ1-15/16"1
3522395CSquare Recess Power Bits (2-piece Design) - Carded#2 SQ1-15/16"5
93203Square Recess Power Bit - Bulk#1 SQ2"10
93205Square Recess Power Bit - Bulk#2 SQ2"10
93207Square Recess Power Bit - Bulk#3 SQ2"10
93211Square Recess Power Bit - Bulk#1 SQ2-3/4"10
93213Square Recess Power Bit - Bulk#2 SQ2-3/4"10
93215Square Recess Power Bit - Bulk#3 SQ2-3/4"10
93219CSquare Recess Power Bit - Carded#1 SQ3"1
93221Square Recess Power Bit - Bulk#2 SQ3"10
93223Square Recess Power Bit - Bulk#3 SQ3"10
93225Square Recess Power Bit - Bulk#1 SQ4"10
93226Square Recess Power Bit - Bulk#2 SQ4"10
93227Square Recess Power Bit - Bulk#3 SQ4"10
93230Square Recess Power Bit - Bulk#1 SQ6"10
93231Square Recess Power Bit - Bulk#2 SQ6"10
93232Square Recess Power Bit - Bulk#3 SQ6"10
93235Square Recess Power Bits (2-piece Design) - Bulk#0 SQ1-15/16"10
93237Square Recess Power Bits (2-piece Design) - Bulk#1 SQ1-15/16"10
93239Square Recess Power Bits (2-piece Design) - Bulk#2 SQ1-15/16"10
93241Square Recess Power Bits (2-piece Design) - Bulk#3 SQ1-15/16"10
93245Square Recess Power Bits (2-piece Design) - Bulk#1 SQ2-3/4"10
93247Square Recess Power Bits (2-piece Design) - Bulk#2 SQ2-3/4"10
93249Square Recess Power Bits (2-piece Design) - Bulk#3 SQ2-3/4"10
93253Square Recess Power Bits (2-piece Design) - Bulk#1 SQ3"10
93255Square Recess Power Bits (2-piece Design) - Bulk#2 SQ3"10
93257Square Recess Power Bits (2-piece Design) - Bulk#3 S3"10
93263Square Recess Power Bits (2-piece Design) - Bulk#1 SQ6"10
93265Square Recess Power Bits (2-piece Design) - Bulk#2 SQ6"10
93267Square Recess Power Bits (2-piece Design) - Bulk#3 SQ6"10
93219Square Recess Power Bit - Bulk#1 SQ3"10
93221CSquare Recess Power Bit - Carded#2 SQ3"1

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