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Description: Today, electromagnets have become important material handling tools. Unlike the permanent magnets that use the natural power of the rare earth to lift materials, electromagnets generate the magnetic power from electrical current. Here is how they operate.Electromagnet lifts are designed with machined steel or heavy cast iron with an additional cover plate. Inside, they have huge rolls of copper and aluminum electrical wires/ conductors that are done in layers and separated using thin films of insulators. When high voltage current is run through the coils, it creates huge magnetic flux that holds the ferrous items as the crane hoists them.The main advantage of electromagnetic lifts is that the magnetic strength can be increased to lift weights of higher capacities. Besides, they easily lift delicate materials without causing damages such as scratches.When using electromagnetic lifts, it is prudent to be sure of material composition of the items being lifted. Besides, the lifts require proper balancing for greater efficiency. To see the available models of the lifts and pick the best piece for your facility, check our page.
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