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Description: In industrial facilities that deal with fragile, sensitive, and heavy materials, one of the main challenges is how to raise them safely and without breakages. The answer is lifting magnets and suction cup lifters. These are powerful industrial devices preferred for lifting heavy metallic sheets, manhole covers, and fragile materials like glass. Whether you want to raise a 50 lb or 3500 lb ferrous metal item or other items designed with rare earth materials that can easily get damaged, lifting magnets and suction cup lifters will come in handy. Because the lifters are designed to handle varying weights, it is important to ensure you go for the model that perfectly matches what you want to lift/move. One of the main categories of lift magnets and suction cup lifters is below-the-hook lifting devices. These are lifts that attach to a crane/ other lifting apparatus so that your items are moved safely from one location to another. You can also go for the pneumatic magnets that use vacuum cups and grippers for moving heavy steel sheets and stamped parts. To get the complete list of lift magnets and suction cup lifters including magnetic sheet separators among others, make sure to visit our site.
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