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Description: What is the best way to move metallic materials? One of the top options is manual lifting magnets. Unlike the electromagnetic lifters that are fitted in cranes to lift heavy items, the manual models are used for lifting lighter ferrous materials of up to 225 pounds using hands. The manual lifting magnets are designed with permanent magnets positioned well in a special box with a handle on the upper end. To lift items, the magnet grabs them on the underside allowing you to move and position them on the targeted location. Although you can only lift a small load using the manual magnet compared to the automated models, they come with unique benefits. The manual lifting magnets make it easier for workers to operate faster. Besides, the risk of suffering on the hands, especially when working with sharp materials is low. But the biggest advantage is the fact that they are able to move materials without damages. Visit our page to see the complete list of available manual lifting magnets
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