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Gates 12-IDL-SPRK Poly Chain GT Carbon Idler Sprocket

  • Use With: 8mm Pitch
  • Belt Width: 12"
  • Number of Teeth: 32
  • Pitch Diameter: 3.208"
  • Material ID: 77201500

Idlers are used to take-up extra belt length and provide adjustment for tensioning belt drives. Idler pulleys and sprockets can alter belt paths and clear obstructions.

  • Idler assembly may consist of: idler sprocket and bracket, flat idler and bracket, standard sheave or sprocket used with an idler bearing and idler bracket.
  • Idler sprockets, flat idlers and idler bushings contain sealed ball bearings and an integral shaft for mounting to adjustable idler brackets.
  • Lubrication and maintenance are not required.






3.800 lb



Contact supplier for technical support on: 303-744-5800

$230.03 Each

Prices are subject to change


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Category Name DescriptionSpecifically designed for aggressive applications, this extra heavy-duty belt construction provides extraordinary high impact strength, capacity, and wear resistance.
Features AdvantagesBareback Cover resists debris and allows the belt to slip under extreme shock load conditions, reducing heat buildup and prolonging belt life. Gates Curves provide proper cord support and full contact with the sheave-groove for uniform loading, uniform wear, and increased belt life. Meets ARPM / RMA IP-3-2 oil and heat resistant standards. Aramid Tensile Cords combine limited stretch with extraordinary strength and durability that is pound-for-pound stronger than steel. Multiple layer Tie Band provides excellent lateral rigidity to prevent belts from turning over or from coming off of the drive.
Markets/ApplicationsPredator belts are well suited as replacement belts for applications exposed to pulsating loads or heavy shock loads, such as mining, agriculture, wood processing, oil field equipment, heavy construction and sand/gravel operations.
Size Range/AvailabilityLarge Inventory of standard lengths and widths are readily available. See sizing table for details. Belt Slitters located onsite at several Gates Service Centers can cut down an existing belt in inventory to the strand width needed. Made-To-Order Belt Lengths are available in any size from: CP (80 to 400 inch), 3VP (45 to 220 inch), 5VP (50 to 660 inch) and 8VP (100 to 660 inch). Check with Customer Service for minimum order quantity and manufacturing lead time.
Belt / Sprocket Specifications
Outside Circumference (in)50.00
Recommended SheavesSuper HC Sheaves as recommended by DesignFlex Pro drive analysis.
Standard Pack1
Weight (Lbs.)4.48


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