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Red Lion Controls ZUJ2048Z 2048 PPR 5/8 inch Thru-Bore

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  • Weight: 1.0 lb
  • Unit of measure: each
  • Contact supplier for technical support on: 877-432-9908

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Return policy

Item must be unused.

Item must be in it's original package.

Additional Description


The ZUJ is a high performance unit that is ideal for fast revving motor mount applications. The injection molded housing is grooved with “cooling fins”, and can take the extreme heat of the motion control industry. The unit comes equipped with a 3.5' to 5.90' B.C. tether arm to mount to a 4.5' motor face.

This revolutionary encoder can also be adapted to various standard and metric sized motor shafts by using individual sleeves (Sold separately). Electrically the unit offers line driver outputs, limited to 20 mA per channel. The outputs are standard quadrature with index and are also available with reverse phasing for the typical motor drive controller application. The separation is 90° with output A leading output B for clockwise rotation. Output B leads output A for the reverse phased output, for clockwise rotation.

  • Motor Feedback
  • Tether Arm Mount
  • Quadrature Output
  • Current Sink Outputs
  • 5 Wire, 3 Foot Cable
  • 2048¬†Pulses Per Revolution
  • Max. Speed Capability 4000 RPM
  • 0.625" (15.8 mm) Thru-Bore
RPGBSI00 0.5" Bore Sleeve
RPGBSI01 0.625" Bore Sleeve
RPGBSI02 0.750" Bore Sleeve
RPGBSI03 0.875" Bore Sleeve
RPGBSI04 1" Bore Sleeve
RPGBSM00 19 mm Bore Sleeve
RPGBSM01 20 mm Bore Sleeve
RPGBSM02 24 mm Bore Sleeve
RPGBSM03 25 mm Bore Sleeve
CCBRPG00 MATING 7Pin Connector
CCBRPG02 CABLE 7Pin Connector with 10 feet Cable
CCBRPG03 CABLE 7Pin Connector with 20 feet Cable
CCBRPG05 CABLE 10Pin Connector with 10 feet of Cable
CCBRPG06 CABLE 10Pin Connector with 20 feet of Cable
RPGMB001 Magnetic Coupling Kit
RPGBII00 Inch Bore Insert Kit
RPGBII01 Inch Standard Bore Insert Kit
RPGBIM00 Large Metric Bore Insert Kit
RPGBIM01 Medium Metric Bore Insert Kit
RPGBIM02 Small Metric Bore Insert Kit
RPGMK002 Tether Arm Kit 4.5"
RPGMK003 Tether Arm Kit 8.5"