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Martin Sprocket TEB7BR 3 7/16" BRONZE FLANGE BRG

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Additional Description

The roller bearing flange unit is manufactured with a cast iron housing which protects it from wear. The cylindrical shape of the roller bearing reduces the overall pressure on the bearing and increases weight carrying capabilities. This precision bearing’s durability and ability to handle up to 3° of total misalignment ensures high performance in a variety of applications.
Bearing Type Bronze Length 6.250 in.
Bolt Length 2.250 in. Material Cast Steel
Brg Flange Length 9.250 in. Number of Bolts 4
Brg Flange Width 9.250 in. Surface Treatment (External Use) Protective Coating
Coupling Diameter 3.438 in.
Storage Dimension Height 9.250 in. Storage Dimension Width 9.250 in.
Storage Dimension Length 6.250 in. Weight 35.00 lbs.


Material Cast Steel

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