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DTGB03304S Drive Isolation Transformer Three Phase 60 Hz 460 Delta Primary Volts 460Y/266 Secondary Volts

DTGB03304S Drive Isolation Transformer Three Phase 60 Hz 460 Delta Primary Volts 460Y/266 Secondary Volts

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460 Delta Primary Volts - 460Y/266 Secondary Volts - All Acme Drive Isolation Transformers (DITs) above 7.5kVA are wound with strip windings to ensure the lowest possible eddy current losses. All our DITs use a three leg wound core. This superior design has very low losses and quiet operation. Both of these features combine to significantly reduce losses and operation costs compared to other types of constructions. All Acme DITs up to and including the 220kVA have copper terminations. The transition from aluminum strip coil conductors to copper terminations is accomplished by a bonding process known as "Koldwelding" This process has been used by Acme for over 25 years to provide a trouble-free, permanent bonding of the two metals.

  • UL Type 3R Enclosures with Weather Shield on Ventilated Units (above 20 kVA). Type 2 Enclosure without weather shield.
  • 3-Phase 60 Hertz
  • 180°C and 220°C insulation systems
  • Acme’s reinforced core assemblies enhance quiet operation
  • Nominally 6% impedance
  • Designed for use with AC, adjustable frequency or DC drives
  • Full capacity taps are featured on all units. On 27 through 660 kVA units, taps are 2-2 1/2% ANFC and 2-2 1/2% BNFC.
  • Full range of kVA ratings cover all standard drive systems
  • Ample wiring compartment for easy cable entry
  • Optional wall mounting brackets for certain sizes
  • Stress relief: Acme uses strip conductors (above 7.5 kVA) instead of wire for a DIT series that easily accommodates the severe electrical and mechanical stresses found in today’s AC & DC motor drives. The inherent excellent line isolation of these transformers is further enhanced with the extra protection of Acme’s Electrostatic Shield — free in all DIT’s.
  • Lower losses: The harmonic currents generated by AC & DC drives increase eddy current losses (heat) in transformer windings. The thicker the winding conductor, the greater the losses. Acme uses one turn per layer of thin strip conductor which provides lower eddy current losses than comparable wire wound units. Lower losses = cooler operation and longer transformer life.
  • Reduced short circuit forces: Strip windings minimize axial short circuit forces that can cause mechanical displacement of the windings under fault conditions. For extra protection all designs 7.5 kVA and above use primary and secondary coils of equal axial length. This feature tends to negate axial short circuit forces, further improving transformer life expectancy.
  • All ventilated units, are of strip wound construction.
Out of Package Height (in) 45.600
Out of Package Width (in) 39.500
Out of Package Length/Depth (in) 35.500
Out of Package Weight (lbs) 2091.000