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  • MODEL: T169439

T169439 True-Power? Hardwired Models Single Phase 60 Hz 95-132 X 166-228 X 192-264 X 384-528 Primary Volts 120/208/240

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Additional Description

95-132 x 166-228 x 192-264 x 384-528 Primary Volts - 120/208/240 Secondary Volts

  • Reliable, regulated output voltage when input voltage varies, even to brownout levels
  • Extended operation to 65% of nominal when operated at 60% of full load
  • Noise rejection - effectively suppressing transient spikes and surges - 120 db common mode and 60 db transverse mode
  • Rapid response to line and load changes - 5% variation in 8m sec, 10% in 16m sec
  • Hold up time of 3m sec for complete loss of input power
  • Inherent overload and short circuit protection, without thermo protectors, fuses or circuit breakers, for immediate recovery when the overload is removed
  • Sinusoidal output features, less than 3% harmonic distortion, improves input wave forms which have total harmonic distortions of greater than 5%
  • Hardwired models will handle multiple primary input voltages
  • Illuminated ON/OFF switch, multiple output receptacles and six foot input power cord on portable units
  • 95-132 x 166-228 x 192-264 x 384-528 Volt Primary; 120/208/240 Volt Secondary; 1Ø, 60 Hz
Out of Package Height (in) 23.060
Out of Package Width (in) 40.130
Out of Package Length/Depth (in) 24.060
Out of Package Weight (lbs) 880.000


Phase 1
Secondary Volts 120/208/240
Primary Volts 95-132 x 166-228 x 192-264 x 384-528

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