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Description: Lathes are machine tools constructed for shaping metal workpieces. Sometimes, they can also be used to shape other materials such as wood. They work by holding the workpiece firmly and rotating it against a cutting tool. The original lathes were constructed to cut cylindrical metal workpieces that would further be designed into items such as nuts and bolts. Lathes can be classified into three main types; turret lathes, engine lathes, and special purpose lathes. If you need lathes for heavy-duty operations, it is important to look for the heavy models that are mounted on the ground. However, light duty industrial lathes can be portable or even mounted on a bench.The special purpose and turret lathes are used in industrial facilities for mass production of materials. However, the engine lathes are considered general-purpose and, therefore, common in most workshops. Note that all lathes should only be operated by a knowledgeable person for enhanced safety. Check our site to see the available lathes and pick your preferred option
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