Enhance your Super-Soaker Diamond by adding our prestigious fan to your entryway. Molded rubber/wiper scraper featuring designer fans on one or both ends for upscale matting applications. A beautiful alternative to standard square mats. As a wiper/scraper mat, its irregular surface will trap dirt and retain moisture for a cleaner floor. Non skid rib backing helps to reduce mat movement.


  • Includes all the advantages of our Super-Soaker Diamond line of products
  • Finished with fabric borders for a richer, more aesthetic look
  • One-piece molded product for maximum durability


For interior areas with medium-heavy traffic. e.g.: Conveniance store, Restaurant, Hotel, Theater, Museum, Convention center

Additional Information

#252 Half Oval

34 x 21, 45 x 26, 73 x 41

#253 Single Fan End

34 x 65, 35 x 77, 35 x 134, 45 x 94, 45 x 163, 72 x 130

#254 Double Fan End

35 x 96, 35 x 145, 45 x 117, 45 x 165, 45 x 187


Blue, Burgundy, Charcoal, Dark Brown, Red, Walnut




1 year

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Product Type


Technical Data

Fiber: Polypropylene / P.E.T.
Pile weight: 18 oz. per sq yd.
Backing: ThermoFlex D.I.N.P Free PVC
Vinyl Strength: 4 lbs per ASTM D624 die-T
Flammability: D.O.C. -FF-1-70