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Description: Marine connectors are the male and female parts of an electric cable that connects to a port or an interface to connect devices together. Marine male connectors have pins, and female marine connectors have receptacles or nodes that pins are plugged into. Marine connectors are used to connect devices and instruments that are used in the marine environment including, naval weapons, deep-sea oil rigs, submarines, boats, cruise ships, port equipment, yachts, and underwater cameras and survey equipment. Marine connectors include subsea connectors and underwater connectors. The NMEA, a standardization plug-and-play communication protocol, gives guidelines for marine connectors that are used to connect marine sensors and the ships’ display units. It defines the standards for connector sizes, weather resistance, shielding flexibility necessary for marine cables and connectors. Marine connectors are used in two sizes of cabling, which are Mini, which can carry power supply of up to 8 amperes and Micro, which carry power supply of up to 3 amperes.MRO Supply constantly strives to the leading supplier of all your industrial material needs. Millions of products from industry leading suppliers are in stock and ready for pick up. For all safety, MRO and industrial construction tools ranging from abrasives, quality cutting tools and maintenance products, choose MRO Supply.
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