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HLA-30 1-5/8 PULLEY

BRAND: LoveJoy | MODEL: 68514442928 | CONDITION: NEW | SKU: 244425
HLA-30 1-5/8 PULLEY

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Weight: 46.00 lbs UOM: EA

Additional Description



Hexact Linear Actuation Method
    The HLA adjustable pulley can be used in place of the standard “HM” pulley where an external mechanical control is available. Typical control methods include hydraulic cylinder, air cylinder, and lever. The adapter nut located on the end of the HLA pulley will accept a threaded rod or a clevis with cross pins. The actuator linkage must be on the center line of the pulley, but radial freedom is required to relieve loads caused by misalignment of the linkage. Actuation rate (closing the moveable flange) should not exceed 2-1/2 inches per minute. To specify the correct pulley, simply substitute the HLA prefix for the HM. For example, the Model HLA-7 pulley has the same drive characteristics as the Model HM-7 hand wheel-type pulley. Refer to the adjacent chart for dimensional information. A torque arm bracket is NOT required for the HLA drive.
Description HLA-30 1-5/8 PULLEY
TypeAdjustable Center - Driver
Belt Size4430V
Weight46.00 lb
UPC Number42928
Dimensional Data
Bore Diameter 1 5/8 in
Outside Diameter (Dimension A)12.500 in
Belt Top Width (Dimension B)2.750 in
Dimension C0.780 in19.81 mm
Distance at Min. PD (Dimension D)5.190 in
Bore Depth (Dimension E)7.500 in
Max. Opening Distance (Dimension F)12.830 in
Min. Opening Distance (Dimension G)10.810 in
Thru Hole (Dimension H)0.390 in
Distance Across Flats (Dimension I)1.480 in
Nut Diameter (Dimension J)1.570 in
Max. Thrust (Dimension K)1015.00 lb
Diameter (Dimension L)4.500 in
Thread (Dimension M)3/4-10 UNC
Max. Depth (Dimension N)0.87 in Diameter x 1.62 in
Flat Length (Dimension P)1.000 in
Dimension R1.120 in28.45 mm
Max. Depth (Dimension S)3.000 in
Cubic inches2004.68750 in³